Gray Whales & Ospreys
March 15-19, 2019

This trip takes place every spring before the gray whales leave their birthing grounds to head north for summer.
Please inquire for more details.



Gray Whales

The curiosity and love of human contact in gray whales is something which sparks our own human curiosity. Seemingly drawn to humans, mothers can be seen holding calves on their backs completely out of the water. Sometimes, even pushing their calves towards idled vessels as if to urge them to learn about humans very early in life.

Their fate is now in our hands, with the only three calving lagoons in the entire world, all located in Baja California.



The quite mangroves of Magdalena Bay allow for a respite home for the osprey. Your arrival to nearby Lopez Mateos is lined by their nests atop the manmade telephone poles. 

They travel to mangroves daily to hunt fish to feed their young.